Easymix Calf Milk Replacer

Blossom is an Easymix Calf Milk Replacer


Reg No. V21243 Act 36 of 1947

Reasons why farmers use Blossom Easymix Calf Milk Replacer

  • Blossom mixes instantly in warm or cold water
  • Blossom can be fed at higher concentrations per litre to improve growth rate (without increasing the risk of scouring)
  • Scientifically proven
  • Formulated with high levels of pure milk protein and a specifically selected blend of fats to give calves the ideal start in life.
  • Earlier weaning
  • Lower cost per kilogram live wight gain
  • Consistency to help avoid scour
  • Feeding Blossom is cheaper than feeding saleable milk to the calf

Volac Milk Replacers Table

Volac Milk Replacers

A Unique Package of Nutritionally Superior Products

In-line instantanisation

Product Features Product Advantages Benefits to the Calf Benefits to the Farmer
Concentrated Milk Protein (CMP) CMP contains a high proportion of ‘true’ protein and has an amino acid balance closely matching the calf’s requirements. Essential calcium and phosphorous without high levels of less desirable minerals More efficient use of protein
Feed at a higher concentration without increasing risk of scour
Improved calf performance and health, which means more cost effective growth

  • For dairy calves achieve 2 year calving target worth R50/month saved
  • For beef calves more calves reared per unit per year

Calves have better bloom for increased market prices

Reduced medication costs

“Trouble Free Rearing”

Processing under strictly controlled temperature conditions Integrity of the protein is retained and digestibility is high. Biologically important globular proteins (immunoglobulins) retained in the powder High value, highly digestible proteins
Carefully researched blend of fat/oil Selected to have good physical characteristics and high nutritional value Excellent nutritional value
Co-spray drying of the liquid oil allows excellent emulsification and homogenisation Small fat globule size in teh finished product and improved fat digestibility Improved intakes of nutrients
High Vitamin E and Selenium levels These support the calf’s immune system and antioxidant status Helping to improve the calf’s natural defences and fight off challenges Increased resistance to disease, helps maintain a healthier calf and reduce medication use and cost
Finished milk replacers are mildly acidified and also contain Gardion Organic acid and the plant extract, alliin, help to create the right conditions for beneficial bacteria in the gut
Ensures excellent mixing characteristics Consistent liquid milk quality Easy mixing labour saving
Double Pasteurisation Destroys most of the bacteria which can be present in whole milk Significantly reduced risk of exposure to bacteria which can cause disease (e.g. Johnes), compared with whole milk Improved calf performance and health. More cost effective growth
Reduces risk of disease transfer via milk


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