SupaCalf is an internationally recognised product which has been specially formulated to help prevent coccidial and clostridial diarrhoea, improve growth rate and feed conversion, and improve immunity and survivability in milk fed ruminants (calves, lambs and kids).



Reg No V14233 Act 36 of 1947

Give your calves a head start


The Facts

Calves are most susceptible to disease and death in their first month of life

Neonatal calves are functional monogastrics

Only liquid feeds can be effectively utilised in early life

Calves do not eat sufficient dry feed by four weeks of age to protect them from protozoal infection

Protozoal infections cause scours and reduce growth rates

Clinical coccidiosis can occur in calves as young as 3 weeks old, while cryptosporidial infection can be detected from as early as 5 days of age.

Significant gut wall damage may have already occurred by the time the clinical infection is diagnosed


The Economics

Early growth is efficient growth it pays to ensure the best utilisation of high quality and costly calf feeds

Pre-weaning growth rate has a significant effect on milk production in the first two lactations

Trials have shown that the incidence of scours in calves negatively affects the calving age of heifers. Prevention of scours helps ensure that heifers calve at an economically optimum age

Supplementing the milk or milk replacer with anti-protozoals helps protect the calf from protozoal infections in the early stages of life. This protection translates into healthier calves with improved growth rates

Improved growth rates translate into earlier age at first calving and higher first and second lactation production


The Solution

SupaCalf contains lasalocid for the prevention of coccidial scours during the first few weeks of life

SupaCalf is protective against cryptosporidial infection when used at elevated levels

SupaCalfreduces oocyst shedding of both coccidia and cryptosporidia, while facilitating the development of natural immunity

SupaCalf contains zinc bacitracin to assist protection against clostridial scours

SupaCalf contains essential vitamins to boost immunity, growth and health (Vit A, Vit D, Vit E, Vit C, Vit B1, Vit B6, Vit B12 niacin & biotin)

Include SupaCalf in the milk or milk replacer at a rate of 25 ml per calf per day for coccidiosis control, and 50ml per calf per day to assist with prevention of cryptosporidiosis

SupaCalf can be used as a daily oral dose in kids and lambs.

NOTE: Do not feed excess milk treated with SupaCalf to dogs or cats. Do not feed to equines




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