Hoofbeats™ is a nutritionally balanced biscuit treat, specially formulated for horses and ponies, using only the best and tastiest ingredients. Hoofbeats™ is the ultimate snack for your pony or horse, fortified with minerals including calcium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, copper, biotin and vitamin D for strong bones, teeth and hooves. They also contain vitamin A, E and the full range of B vitamins, assisting in good health and immunity. Hoofbeats™ contains a quality source of protein and amino acids.

Hoofbeats™ are:

• Developed by a registered equine nutritionist
• Oven baked using only the finest ingredients
• Manufactured in South Africa using locally sourced ingredients
• Nutritionally balanced and made from only the tastiest ingredients including corn, soya, oats, wheaten bran, vegetable oil, molasses and carrots
• Suitable for horses and ponies of all ages and disciplines
• Very tasty – so don’t be alarmed if the children or dogs munch a few (they are safe for human consumption)

“Once they know you’ve got them, they’ll hunt your pockets for them!”